What makes a premium ZENN watch?

January 03, 2019

What makes a premium ZENN watch?

There are hundreds of watch brands currently on the market. But how do you know you're getting the best time piece for your money? 

There are several contributing factors that you should consider: -

The Watch Case

What a watch is made out of will determine how long it is going to last. Many watches use low grade composite alloy cases, mainly because they're cheaper to produce. But watches that consist of a composite alloy usually have several negative associations like lower water resistance, easily scratched and plating can often oxidize much quicker (meaning the plating will crack or fade). 

ZENN only use 316L surgical grade stainless to produce our watches. Giving a more heavier and luxury feel. Stainless steel last much longer too with higher water resistance.

ZENN Argenti Men's Silver Watch


Leather Straps

Cheaper watches also use very poor quality leather straps, which are often subject to damage from every day wear and tear. The stitching on the leather is low quality and you can't see the grain of the leather. 

Whereas ZENN watches are produced from the finest grade French leather. Giving a premium look and feel. Meaning our Classique range is built to last and clear winner! 


Watch Dial

Another important consideration is what the dial is made our of. Most cheap watches quote "hardened mineral glass"... avoid these at all cost! They scratch easily, look very cheap and will crack if put under any form pressure. 

ZENN watches only use Sapphire Coated Crystal. Which is highly scratch resistant, much more tougher and look amazing. 


The final factor is whether a watch comes with any form of guarantee? Some won't come with any at all, some will have just only one year. But ZENN watches are built to last, we're so confident on the quality of our products we offer a two year guarantee as standard. Giving you confidence and peace of mind. 

Don't chance it, buy one of our exclusive watches and be amazed! Free delivery internationally when you spend over £50+