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Automatic vs Quartz

September 02, 2018

ZENN men's watch

In the late 1960's a new generation of watchmaking began with the introduction of Quartz technologies. Cheaper, more accurate, and faster to produce than traditional Swiss movement watches. So what are the differences between automatic movement and ZENN quartz watches. 

A quartz movement watch is essentially battery powered. An electrical current from a battery gives power to the quartz crystal within the movement, allowing it to vibrate. Then, the vibrations from the quartz crystal cause the movement to oscillate and drive the motor, moving the hands on the face of a watch.

The main advantages of a quartz watch is the time keeping is much more accurate than mechanical or automatic movement watches. Where a automatic mechanical watch produces its energy to power the watch from movement from the wearer. Every time the watch moves, a rotor within the caliber spins and automatically winds the mainspring. Which means if you don't wear an automatic watch for a couple of days it will stop, which is annoying to have to keep resetting the date and time. 

Automatic watches are commonly very expensive compared to quartz, as they are more difficult to produce, have greater components and take longer to assemble. 

A ZENN timepiece features quartz movement, but does not compromise on quality. Only the highest grade leather, stainless steel and sapphire crystal are used to produce our watches. Assembled by hand with great care and quality control, giving every customer peace of mind with a 2 year seller guarantee. 

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